Preparing Your Soil For Fall

How To Prepare Your Soil For Fall

Fall is a crucial time for tree and lawn care. All throughout the summer, trees and plants endure a variety of different weather patterns that tend to be dry, but can also lean the other way – from high temperatures to strong storms. The effects of the wind and heat can make all your trees and other plants weaker over time. Additionally, trees and shrubs naturally use up their nutrients in order to survive against attacks from pests and diseases throughout the year. Hiring a good tree service can make all the difference in your lawn’s overall health.

Assisting in the recovery of your plants as they transition into the winter months massively benefits their health long-term and can harden them for any winter infestations that may come, as well as all the downsides that the cold brings. As we approach the fall season, soil care plays a significant role in the recovery and endurance of your lawn’s inhabitants.

Increase Your Watering Frequency

Even though you may have stayed on top of your plants’ water intake during the summer, there’s still a chance they’re lacking the proper water source. Soil that maintains moisture ensures that the proper nutrients needed by your lawn plants to grow healthy. The nutrients must be soluble and free floating so they can much more easily be absorbed by your plants’ roots. Mulching and fertilizing are a couple of steps that significantly impact the condition of your trees and plants throughout winter. So going forward, your plants will naturally be able to fight off attacks from infestation and diseases with the help of the right soil.

Ideal Fall Soil Characteristics

The condition of the soil below your trees, shrubs, and plants directly affects their future. From soil components and compaction to the amount of acidity, staying on top as winter approaches will help create conditions that will enable roots to function at their best. Strong roots lead to higher endurance when disease and strong weather try to take over. Additionally, fertilization directly promotes a healthier bloom come springtime.

Oregon Lawn Services

Our certified tree and lawn care services here at Dr. Trees Oregon City take the fall season as a serious opportunity to improve the health of trees and shrubs. Designated fall soil services help prepare for their dormant periods and promote a stronger head start come spring. Our approach includes a handful of beneficial practices that your trees eventually will thank you for, including:

  • Utilizing a specialized fertilizer that mixes with slow-release components to directly benefit longevity. Quick release mixes can tend to scorch your plants’ roots.
  • Nutrient supplementation to make up for iron and other deficiencies as a result of the summer season. Soil reinforcement can also help to alleviate nutrient deficiencies.
  • Incorporating beneficial fungi to the fall soil to promote root growth and capacity.
  • Applying compost teas to add life to the fall soil.
  • Vertical mulching and radial trenching to address and take care of compaction problems.

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