The Value Of Trees On Your Lawn

How Trees Can Liven Up Your Lawn

Trees provide valuable benefits to any property. As tree experts, we are always mindful of these benefits when we trim, prune, or even remove a tree from the landscape. By keeping the intentions of the trees and how they will be affected by our hands, we become more cautious and respect making us one of the best tree services in  Oregon.

Trees Reduce Noise And Pollution

Trees filter noise and dust and can be planted as a windbreaker in areas where the wind may present a problem such as if you have a garden in your lawn. Freeway noise, industrial noise, and other loud sounds can be greatly softened by trees as their structures can muffle the sounds. Thousands of lovely tree leaves can muffle even the noise of a neighbor mowing their lawn if your lawn is big enough!

Trees Add Beauty And Value

There is no wall, fence, break or barrier which offers more beauty than a natural row of trees. They add value to your property, as well, giving it a matured, established look which you and your family will absolutely love. Imagine intending to purchase a property for your family. Will you choose a home with a lush, established landscape, or one which is bare with little to no tree presence? The answer is almost always the property with established trees.

Trees Increase Oxygen And Provide Freshness

One of the benefits of trees is that they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, offering fresh air to the property’s inhabitants. Trees also have a slight cooling effect because transpiration emits a tiny quantity of moisture into the atmosphere. Between 7 and 8 trees will provide for the oxygen requirements of one person per year. Although you don’t need to plant 7 trees for every person on your property, it’s still a good idea to maintain a healthy number of trees on any lawn.

Trees Protect Your Land From Erosion

Trees are a more substantial form of protection against erosion in areas where water tends to accumulate. A well-established tree root system will protect the soil and land from mild to heavy flood situations. In areas where trees have been eliminated, flooding and erosions of the earth can be catastrophic. Erosion can present a serious structural hazard to the structures on your property.

Trees Provide Privacy

Trees offer a value proposition to you and your property’s privacy, whether they cover a see-through fence, open property line, or act as a shield from the view of others on higher ground. Many pool owners add trees for this very reason. They can also hide undesirable elements that may be within sight of a property that the homeowner doesn’t wish to see. They do so without the formality or expense of a wall and are a valuable shield for other issues, as well.

Trees Encourage Wildlife

We share our planet with bees, birds, butterflies, and other creatures who will happily integrate into our domain if they feel comfortable. Trees provide an abundance of offerings to wildlife, including shade, flowers, moisture, and a habitat for living and producing offspring. With judicious pruning, the more unpleasant vermin can be discouraged while offering refuge to the more desirable ones.

Well-tended trees offer a positive, healthy addition to the landscape, creating enjoyment and value for property owners, wildlife, and the planet. If the trees on your property need some periodic maintenance, removal, or another tree service, give us a call. We at Dr. Trees Oregon would be more than happy to help you!

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