When To Call For Tree Removal Services

Signs You Should Call A Tree Removal Service

Tree removal isn’t something most homeowners think about until something bad happens. This includes sudden breaking, splitting, or a tree falling over completely. That’s why we here at Dr. Trees Oregon City have come up with some situations where we think it’s time to hire a tree service to remove a tree.

Hiring A Certified Tree Removal Service

It’s important to never attempt tree removal on your own. If you haven’t been formally trained in arboriculture, you could seriously injure yourself and other people, resulting in serious injury or even death. You can also severely damage your property if the tree removal goes wrong.

Certified tree removal professionals are trained in all the proper felling techniques, equipment, and safety procedures necessary to safely remove a tree from your property. By trusting Dr. Trees Oregon City, you will ensure a swift, safe removal without causing harm or property damage.

Severe Weather

Even the most robust trees can bow and break during extreme weather. Depending on the type of storm, tree damage can vary greatly.


An overabundance of water from downpours and flooding can loosen the soil around a tree. This, in turn, exposes the root system, weakening a tree’s ability to anchor, causing it to topple over.

Ice & Snow

Ice buildup and heavy snow can overwhelm a tree, causing its branches to break or collapse under the weight. While coniferous evergreens are known for standing up to these conditions, broadleaf evergreens hold more snow, increasing the risk of damage.


Like all living things, trees don’t stand up against lightning. When hit by lightning, the cells in a tree boil, peeling off its bark or burning the tree itself. In some cases, a lightning bolt can snap entire branches off or cause an explosion.


Heavy winds from storms can result in a windsail effect where the canopy of a tree catches too much air, uprooting it from the soil. Another common injury is a crown twist where an uneven canopy will twist in the wind, damaging the trunk of a tree beyond repair.,

Disease & Infestation

Sometimes the reason to remove a tree comes from within. Disease, fungus, and insects can enter a tree’s wounds, slowly killing it from the inside. At a certain point, a tree won’t survive, making an emergency tree removal the quickest, safest solution.

Signs of disease and infestation include:

  • Yellow, wilted or spotted leaves.
  • White dusty mildew.
  • Lumpy, spherical growths (Gall).
  • New shoot clusters.
  • Hollow pits (Cankers).
  • Holes in bark or leaves.
  • Broken Branches

Strategic pruning and preventative tree care can help remove broken branches without harming a tree. However, there are certain situations where broken branches can cause a tree to die. For example, if a tree has lost more than half its limbs, it will be unable to produce enough leaves to feed itself during the growing season. Branch loss can also result in a loss of strength, stability, and form.

A Leaning Tree

A tree that grows at a severe angle, develops a sudden lean or shows other signs of damage like uprooting should be evaluated by a certified arborist. While a leaning tree may not be a cause for concern, it could also topple over at any given time. A certified arborist will be able to access the current state of a tree and determine if an emergency tree removal is needed.

Tree Removal In Oregon City

If you have a tree on your property that has snapped or fallen, you may need an emergency tree removal. At Dr. Trees Oregon City, our certified arborist has the training and experience to remove dangerous trees no matter the situation. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation quote by filling out our online form or call us at the number listed.

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